Yo, listen up, I got a tale to tell
‘Bout credit repair and motorcycles, doin’ well
Is credit repair a good business indeed? Find out here, I guarantee

But wait, hold up, what’s the deal with the bikes?
Kawasaki KLX 125, are they road legal likes? Click to know more about these rides
And if they’re all set for those road adventures wide

Now let’s switch up, talkin’ ‘bout legal stuff
Amazon merch agreement, is it tough? Peep the deal here, it’s no bluff
And what ‘bout simple investment agreement docs, are they enough?

Colorado laws on shooting, on private ground
Are they strict or chill, what’s the sound? Get the lowdown here, no need to frown
And can government employees do business, are they bound?

When it comes to business, legal issues do appear
Examples of this can bring some fear Check it here, and solutions are near
And ‘bout contracts, can they all be valid? Hear me clear Tap in here, no need to steer

Now shiftin’ gears, to a different kind of race
What’s a business case analysis, show me the pace Right here, dig in, let’s embrace
And for some legal free music, where’s the place? Right here, no waste, just lace

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