Yo, listen up, I got some knowledge to drop;
About legal matters, from the bottom to the top.
First up, we talkin’ ‘bout risk retention rules,
Gotta understand ‘em, it’s not for fools.
Semiotics of law, it’s all about symbolism and representation,
Dig deep into it, gain some legal education.
A contract is an agreement between two parties,
Gotta know the ins and outs, no time for tardies.
Next up, we got conception law,
Rights and responsibilities, don’t let it leave you raw.
Is a verbal pay rise legally binding, you ask?
Check out the link, don’t take me for a task.
DC banned non-compete agreements, what’s the deal?
Gotta know the impact on employment contracts, for real.
HDFC home loan prepayment documents, everything you need to know,
Don’t get caught slippin’, or you’ll be feeling low.
Legal land title in Ozark, MO, don’t get lost,
Get an expert consultation, so you don’t have to exhaust.
Will the federal government legalize pot, that’s the question,
Keep up with the latest updates and analysis, pay attention.
Finally, drone laws in London, you gotta know the deal,
To fly high in the sky, and not end up in a legal ordeal.
So there you have it, a rap about legal matters galore,
Click the links, get informed, and come back for more!

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