Yo, listen up now, I got some knowledge to drop
Legal issues, they ain’t always easy, but we’ll make ‘em pop
From Hepatitis B to prostitution laws
We’ll break it down, so you don’t get lost in the flaws

First off, how can you get Hepatitis B?
It’s important to know, so you can stay free
Then we’ll talk about prostitution laws in Turkey
Is it legal? Is it not? Let’s see, okay?

Got a question about legal terms that you can’t understand?
Check out the online law dictionary – it’s all planned
And if you’re wondering how laws change from culture to culture
We’ll explore the variations, it’s like a legal adventure

If you’re looking for alternate requirements to comply with the law
We’ve got the info you need, so you’ll be in awe
And if you wanna know about subletting tenancy agreements
We’ll lay it all out, no need for any disagreements

Need a law book in Gujarati to study up real good?
We’ll hook you up, so you’ll understand like you should
And if you’re curious about sick days under federal law
We’ll explain it all, no need to withdraw

Finally, if you’re interested in law firm rankings and licensing agreements
We’ll give you the lowdown, no need to beg
So that’s a wrap on this legal rap
Hope you’ve learned something, and that’s a fact!

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