Ahead of the tale, Sousuke and Kou was previous family members and you will classmates inside the junior high

• Amnesiac Mate• Battle Couples• Smash Blush• Dating Exactly what Father Dislikes – Mitsuba are an effective supernatural if you’re Kou are out of children out of exorcists.• Report from Protection• Passed away in your Possession This evening – Kou stored Sousuke within his palms when he died after Tsukasa contaminated his rumor.• First Like – To possess Mitsuba.• Forgotten Very first Conference – Kou did not remember korean girls beautiful Mitsuba in the beginning.• Family relations to help you People• Hair Compare Duo• Holding Hand – Albeit they truly are dreadful in the it often.• Insult regarding Endearment – Mitsuba Calls Kou a Hella-Lame, Traffic-Safety-Earring Boy.• Eg a classic Partnered Pair• Love Initially• Maybe not a romantic date – Whenever Kou requests metropolitan areas commit, their members of the family imagine he could be on a date, but he says it is not a night out together.• Opposites Appeal• Piggyback Lovable – Kou offers Mitsuba following second injures his ft.• Next Love – To own Kou.• Motorboat Tease• Star-Crossed Lovers• The one that Had Aside – Sousuke so you can Kou.• Heartbreaking Bromance• Tragic Souvenir – Sousuke’s camera and images.• Tsundere• Vitriolic Top Buds• When he Grins• You are Well worth Heck – Kou almost died becoming which have Mitsuba forever.


They just weren’t best friends, by itself, however, due to seated in name buy, Sousuke sat before Kou. They did actually get along really and you can turned family rapidly. Sousuke wound up moving categories, although not, and later passed away in a car accident when you find yourself venturing out to purchase carrots to have his mother’s birthday curry. Sousuke reappears while the a keen apparition, whether or not his fresh look differs from that of his middle school appearance. The guy roams the college entry, and you may is located at out to those people he remembers inquiring when they think of him, even though the guy looks a lot more like an outline. Whenever Sousuke has reached out over Kou, Kou holds their hands and knocks your back to good locker, revealing Sousuke’s true form. Kou don’t acknowledge him, however, he did recognize Sousuke’s middle school consistent.

Contents step 1 Canon step 1.1 Mitsuba 1.dos Heck of Mirrors step one.step three Photo Prime

Kou following reassures Sousuke that he’s going to remember him because a beneficial boy who was simply «cocky, girly, self-centered, sarcastic, had a distressful voice, enthusiastic about their cam, ran emo often, and a beneficial faker» hence the guy needs to be himself and make friends 1.4 Research Go camping step one.5 Losings step 1.six The brand new Red Family step one.seven Night life 1.8 Omen Cannon

During the time, Kou got made his brain to only exorcise comfort one to harm anybody else, very he previously protected Sousuke and you may made a decision to assist your get reduce his regrets rather. Initially, both didn’t get along. Sousuke always lashed impolite nicknames within Kou, their favourite are «Hella-lame-traffic-safety-earring boy» where he would relate to Kou on multiple days. However and additionally guess Kou is actually trying to «manage pervy what things to your,» causing Kou taking entitled a good pervert commonly. In exchange, Kou imagine Sousuke was impolite and you will obnoxious, regardless if the guy helped Sousuke gone their regrets in any event.

To start with, Sousuke would not address any questions that Kou had, resulting in Kou harmful him to track down solutions. Sooner or later, Kou unearthed that there’s an image Sousuke planned to capture when he are live, very Kou chooses to assist him get you to definitely image. Which had been whenever Kou’s pal, Yokoo concludes because of the to state hello to help you Kou. Yokoo notices the digital camera Kou try carrying and you can said it belonged to help you Sousuke, and offered specific insight to your exactly who he had been. So it helped Kou contemplate Sousuke, and then he felt harmful to not taking your in the beginning. Sousuke next says to Kou «I achieved over to everyone just who I thought are my pal, but not one person approved me personally. just, I remembered all of them.» It started initially to precipitation, so the several made a decision to lead in to the to each other, taking the stairways to the top flooring. On the stairways, Sousuke indicates that he was bullied when you look at the elementary for being also «girly» otherwise «assertive,» very the guy chose to build a special persona for the middle school. He had been nice to any or all, however, no body noticed your. The guy wasn’t bullied, however, the guy did not make any actual family. As he passed away, no one did actually notice or care.

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