The newest OLS rates towards the subsample are located in range into complete shot prices shown in Dining table 2

We estimate Eq. (1) by replacing Dij (Bij) with three different sets of dowry and bride price paid to others (i.e., \( \overlinej>> \) and \( \overlinej>> \) , \( \overline> \) and \( \overline> \) , or the community-based dowry and bride price), and three sets of reduced-form estimation results are presented in Table 4. Each panel presents estimation results of a reduced-form regression with a different set of dowry and bride price paid to others. To be comparable with Panel A, the OLS estimation results with women who have at least one brother and one sister are presented in Appendix Table 8. The reduced-form estimation results support the main OLS estimation results shown in Table 2. That is, women enjoy higher status in the ily that tends to exchange higher dowries and when they come from a higher-dowry village, whereas a larger bride price is negatively associated with these same traits. Here, the amount of bride price paid to the wife’s sisters by their in-laws is significantly negatively associated with the wife’s autonomy. The third set, i.e., the community-based dowry and bride price, does not show any significant association with women’s status. This is likely because relatively weaker association between the community-based dowry (bride price) and the personal dowry (bride price) that the bride receives from her parents (in-laws) than other two sets. The estimates for other coefficients are not inconsistent with those shown in Table 2 and are available upon request.

Table 4 Organization anywhere between dowry/fiance rates (repaid by into the-statutes regarding siblings, other people on the town and you will society) and you may wife’s standing in the relationship home (OLS)

cuatro.step three Conversation and you will robustness inspections

In deciding the fresh new ladies’ standing on the relationship home, the result of your online dowry (dowry without fiance price) can get matter. Remember that the level of deferred mehr is included separately off the web based dowry since the former is not reduced except if split up occurs and should not be considered possessions introduced to the relationship. The outcomes recommend that brand new assets produced towards ount) promote their own decision-making power and you can self-reliance. These types of self-confident connectivity are not shocking given that new associations out-of bride rates paid down during the time of relationship manage avoid so you can that from dowry in the main estimations.

Possibly, an increased decades or degree difference you are going to weaken the brand new wife’s condition on the relationship family. Plus years distinction including training variation (replacing the latest husband’s age and you may studies) will not affect the chief outcomes, while the coefficients of them parameters are not significant (Appendix Dining table 9, Committee B).

This new quote process try constant by replacement dowry and bride rate which have net dowry (Appendix Table 9, Committee A)

You to you are going to argue that how many age because marriage was important because the result off dowry (or bride to be price) would be deeper soon after wedding. As well as decades because ount away from dowry (replacing female’s ages on wedding) magnifies the bottom effectation of dowry from inside the ladies’ freedom but minimizes its magnitude additionally the significance peak inside women’s decision making (Appendix Table 9, Committee C). This means that a much bigger dowry advances the wife’s autonomy inside this new relationship household shortly after marriage; however, this new connection isn’t significantly affected by the latest passage of decades since matrimony.

No way of measuring gender ideology is included in the primary estimation on account of endogeneity questions. One you are going to argue that inclusion of such tips get undermine the latest connection between dowry and you can women’s status from the marital house. While we you should never refute the possibility that choices and you can ideological values concerning gender affairs commonly built-in and change over the relationship lives, the fresh estimation procedure is repeated from the along with a couple methods having young buck preference: the first varying means one to if the wife’s best amount of sons are greater than regarding daughters and next means one to in the event that partner desires to bring higher education so you’re able to sons in the place of so you can daughters. Handling having gender ideology doesn’t considerably affect the head estimate abilities (Appendix Desk 9, Panel D). Interestingly, women’s decision making is actually surely regarding the son liking. not, it’s adversely in the taste getting delivering degree so you’re able to sons than daughters. A possible interpretation would be the fact extremely experienced female is up against gender inequality during the degree and get way more energized from the marital family but prefer which have a lot more sons than daughters. It appears in keeping with certain established knowledge exhibiting one to child taste is much more commonplace certainly highly educated women unlike uneducated feminine for the Southern China (Das Gupta 1987; Muhuri and Preston 1991).

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